We can't fix college alone.


The Foundation for Innovation and Creative Solutions (FICS America) is a Southern California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving America's student debt crisis.

The development of College 2.0 was entirely self-funded, with financial support coming entirely from the team, its family, and friends. College 2.0's six-year design process was fueled by the dedication of a small group of volunteers who believe in a better future for America's college students.

Now that College 2.0 has been released, we're ready to take our next step. In order for College 2.0 to truly make college permanently affordable and accessible for all, our policy blueprint must transition into action.

If you share our vision of a long-lasting solution to the college crisis and support our mission, then please consider a making a contribution. 

With your support, we can make America a better place to get an education and start a career. 


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FICS America is a fiscally sponsored project of OneOC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit accelerator. Your charitable contribution to FICS America is tax-deductible.

Grants and Partnerships

FICS America is always looking for partners who share our mission and can strengthen our ability to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

If you or your organization is interested in working with FICS America, please fill out the form below and describe how our partnership can help us meet mutual goals.

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